play a ‘pictionary’ on our iPhone

Face your friends in Pinturillo 2

Pinturillo has had great success in its web version where millions of people have played in recent years and now this experience has been passed to the iPhone with a dedicated application in the App Store. It is true that he did not have the best start in the world since it presented several important errors but little by little it has been improving over time to have an experience quite similar to that of the web.

If you have ever entered the Pinturillo website you will know that it works through theaters. In this room All participants who want to face their creative ability must enter when drawing. Once all your friends or family are inside, the host must start and start the first round.


In the rounds in an orderly manner, a specific person will begin to draw who will know the word related to the drawing to be done. The truth is that the compilation is not short at all, since it includes 5000 words in total. Obviously you can’t draw letters or whole words since all the grace of the game would be lost. It is about drawing pictures that represent the word that has touched us even if it is extremely rare. Sometimes it can be complicated to put something on a blank paper as happened with the dignity in The Simpsons.

While one draws, the rest should write what they think it is. In the upper part there is a small help since the word extension will appear and if we guess any of the letters it will be put in its position.

Punctuation system

Obviously this is a competitive game among friends and there must be a ranking with the scores that each has achieved. When a person guesses what is being drawn they will receive a score of 60 points. But here the game is not over since time will keep running and the rest of the participants may try to guess what is being drawn although they will obviously receive a lower score at the end.

At the end of the whole game and when several rounds have passed A table of positions will appear to know where we have been this time. This is where the authentic pickets between contestants and friends come in as we will always want to be the first. And obviously pinturillo would not be a pinturillo if the typical ones did not exist complaints to the person you are drawing criticizing that that does not correspond to the word. But we must bear in mind that not everyone is Picasso nor has an incredible imagination. That is why there are different filters to prevent insulting in the chat.

If you have no friends available you can also play

And if you don’t have any friends available to play Pinturillo, you can use this application since there are public rooms available where different people who are ‘alone’ enter at that time. Here is the possibility of playing with people who are totally unknown to us but with whom we can have a great time. This is similar to the strategy followed by other competitive game applications. Obviously we must be careful because not knowing this person and being behind a screen under anonymity we face to be insulted meaningless.

We certainly recommend you to take a look at this game and have a great time when you are with all your friends.

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