Over-the-air iOS restore: PC may no longer be needed

IOS recovery may soon become a standalone process and no longer require the intervention of a Mac or PC. This is what appears within the new beta of iOS 13.4.

restore ios

Apple would currently be testing, with iOS 13.4 beta, the ability to run a iOS over-the-air recovery, directly via the internet. Following this theory, if an iPhone or iPad should stop working, it would no longer be necessary to restore the firmware using a Mac or PC as only the internet connection would be enough. Exactly as it already happens for Macs and their recovery partition that uses the internet connection to download the operating system and proceed with a clean reinstallation.

All this could be really crucial in optics autonomy of iOS devices that, for years now, have been increasingly independent and disconnected from desktop and computer software. The most striking example is that of the ever growing iCloud services and the farewell to iTunes.

According to what was found in the system in beta then it would be possible to restore iOS directly via the internet, as well as by connecting the device via USB to another iPhone or iPad in a similar way to how the Apple migration tool works.

These hypotheses can therefore really make a difference but we will have to see if and when they will be ready to be available to end users. We will update you as soon as we know more about it.

And you? Would you appreciate this kind of solution? Let us know in the comments!


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