Oppo also releases the Apple Watch on its latest smartwatch

A new Oppo event is coming up next March 6, and with the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona many companies have chosen to launch their products in their own and especially digital events, to prevent the spread of Coronoavirus, a measure Totally logical and understandable. However, from Cupertino they should be seeing with a half smile on the face the new watch of the Asian firm Oppo. If Xiaomi’s was already an almost integral tracing, it is not far behind. The new Oppo smartwatch is incredibly similar to the Apple Watch even at the software level.

There is little more information about the product, only that it will be released mainly in the colors black and gold and that it will probably have eSIM support, which is a very interesting point since the Apple Watch is one of the few wearables that have this technology that It makes you truly independent. The watch is otherwise almost identical, with the exception that on one side it has two standard elongated buttons that will serve to interact with the user interface and obviate the classic Apple Watch crown, However, it has been imitated by other brands.

The Oppo event will be broadcast on Youtube next March 6 and can be followed around the world around 10:30 Spanish time. In this event, more new devices are expected to be launched. We live the nth case of the resemblance to the Apple Watch, so many years after how much it was criticized that Apple’s clock did not have a round shape, praising other designs such as the one of the Galaxy Watch or the Moto 360, however, these “round” watches begin to be in danger of extinction. Once again, although despite some, Apple has marked the path at the level of design in an entire product.

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