On iOS 14 we can set third-party apps as default – iPhone Italy

Apple is considering allowing iOS and iPadOS users to import third-party apps for email and web browsers as default. Currently, on iPhone and iPad, only Safari and Mail can be used as default apps to browse the web and manage email. News also for HomePod and usable music services.

The news was reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, one of the most reliable sources in the Apple world. With this novelty, which should arrive together with iOS 14, we will be able freely choose the default app for email and web browser. Now, however, iOS does not allow you to make this choice, forcing us to use Safari and Mail as the default app.

This change will allow us, for example, to use an app like Spark as the default for email, or Chrome as the default browser for the operating system. Gurman explains that Apple is currently discussing this hypothesis internally, also to understand what the impact could be on its Safari and Mail apps. If so, the new option should be integrated in iOS 14.

In addition, Bloomberg reports that Apple may decide to open HomePod to third party music services like Spotify, since users can now only use Apple Music. Currently, Spotify and other third-party music services can be streamed from iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌ to HomePod‌ using AirPlay technology, but it is a non-functional and immediate solution compared to direct support.

As Gurman notes, the opening of HomePod‌ to other music services could also encourage product sales, given that the Apple speaker is still far behind in sales compared to Amazon Echo.

In addition to purely functional purposes, a change of this type would protect Apple from the antitrust charges related precisely to the impossibility for users to change predefined apps on iOS and iPadOS.


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