OLED: BOE invests in the production of iPhone displays

The Chinese display manufacturer, BOE, is investing in the creation of lines dedicated exclusively to the production of OLED panels intended for Apple products, a final attempt to become part of the supply chain for iPhones.

OLED display

BOE is still trying to become the third supplier of OLED panels for Apple, together with Samsung and LG Display. The largest display manufacturer in China is therefore working hard to achieve this and, according to a new reportwould be ready to invest in order to achieve it.

The Chinese company would therefore have made large investments for the construction of new plants and equipment for the production lines of the OLED display; lines that will deal exclusively with the production of components for Apple. Ten new lines are expected to be built at the B11 plant in the Chinese province of Sichuan, and there will also be an entire dedicated assembly line at the facility.

Despite the investment in new production equipment, Apple has not yet signed a contract with BOE regarding the supply of OLED panels. Chinese society may still have to fully satisfy the strict quality control criteria Apple before the Cupertino company decides to grant the first orders for components. Apparently, however, it seems that now it is only a matter of time.

Several industry sources have reported that “Apple recently asked the BOE to make the necessary preparations regarding the supply of OLED panels“.

If BOE finally meets all of Apple’s quality standards, the Cupertino-based company is likely to begin using its OLED panels by mid-2021.


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