Office is now available, the application that combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Office for iOS

At the time of create documents from our mobile devices, a free and more than acceptable solution is found in Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote. However, if it is not used in our work environment, it is most likely that Microsoft Office is the set of applications used.

For a couple of years, Microsoft has made available to us the three main applications that Office offers us: Word, Excel and PowerPoint, each one has a considerable weight on the devices, although many are the users who do not take advantage of all the functions offered to us. The new Office application is the solution.

Microsoft has just officially launched Office, after a beta phase that has lasted relatively shortly, an application that offers us Word, Excel and Powerpoint together and without having to leave the application.

This application is designed to do rapid changes on the fly, not to sit down and spend many hours in front of them, so the number of functions is limited but the most commonly used by users are not lacking.

But not only does it offer us the best-known Office applications, but also integrates a document scanner, document scanner that already offered us with another application available in the App Store (Microosft Lens).

The documents that we scan with the camera, we can not only quickly convert them to PDF format, but also, we can also sign them, in addition to allowing cInvert any Word, Excel or Powerpoint document to PDF or combine different images of our reel in a PDF.

As if that were not enough, it also allows us convert text from an image that we have scanned or stored in our reel to a Word document, or create an Excel table directly from an image.

It also offers us a Notes application that syncs with the Windows application, ideal to have all the notes in the same application, although the best solution would have been to integrate OneNote also in the application.

The application is available for download for free, It requires a Microsoft account and we can edit or create new documents without any limitation, although the description of the application claims to include purchases to unlock all functions. We will probably find the limitations in the iPad version, where you can get more out of Office.

This new application does not arrive to replace Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications, since it offers us the same functions that we can find in the independent versions.

Microsoft Office (AppStore Link)

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Corporation

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