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The MacBook 12 ″ lowers its price by 600 euros

A few years ago Apple introduced the 12 ″ MacBook as an interesting portable option. Because of its small size it is possible to carry it comfortably in a bag or backpack and we will hardly notice that it is stored there. Although it has a small size, this does not mean that it is powerful because it has an interesting variety of processor configurations.

As we say, this MacBook It is not intended to perform video editing tasks at the highest level But you can do basic tasks. Thanks to the Intel Core i5 dual core 1.3 GHz you can perform office tasks, check email and more from anywhere. It is true that there is the possibility of buying this Mac with a minor configuration, specifically with an Intel Core M3, but for the difference in price that exists we believe that it is better to opt for an i5 to have a more fluid and lasting experience.

MacBook 12

This setting right now we can find it on Amazon reduced by 600 euros, going from the € 1799 official price to the € 1199 it currently costs.

Technical specifications

With this offer, as we have said, we will have a MacBook with a 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5 processor with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 615 graphics. The storage that counts is SSD as it could not be otherwise and with a c512 GB total apacity, that we believe is the minimum that a Mac must have to be able to work in a comfortable way. And speaking of memories, we must emphasize that it includes 8 GB of RAM which is also pretty good for the end of this team.

The only drawback is that we will have only a USB-C port That doesn’t quite convince us. This at first will limit us a lot when connecting some external accessories but we can always get a USB-C hub to have many more connections available from a single. Another of the big problems that we are going to have is the type of keyboard that has butterfly mechanism First generation, so we must be very careful so that dust does not sneak under the keys.

With regard to the battery, we should not have any problem as Apple offers us an autonomy of 10 hours. It is true that this will vary depending on the use that we give the equipment, but it will certainly give us enough hours of use.

This offer will end up in the next few hours so we recommend you get it if you are looking for a fairly portable computer.

And you, what do you think of this offer? Leave us in the comment box what you think about it.

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