Offer Smart Battery Case iPhone XR for less than 60 euros

If you have an iPhone XR, it is unlikely that you have autonomy problems since in this aspect it stands out widely. But if you use it quite intensively, it is likely that if you have any problems with reach the end of the day without having to go through the charger, and that is why it is best to get a Smart Battery Case. On this occasion we have found an interesting offer of this case with integrated battery that you can certainly not miss.

The iPhone XR Smart Battery Case records a historical price

It has always been said that Apple s battery caseson extremely expensive. The truth is that if we look at some alternatives in the unofficial market we can observe this clear price difference, but this time there is no excuse. Amazon has put on this occasion the case with integrated battery for the iPhone XR for just under 60 euros. We must remember that the official price of this case today is € 149.

You should keep in mind that this is a temporary offer, so it may not last too long. No doubt a case of this type with a discount of € 91 does not last long in stock. We recommend you get her as soon as possible.

Technical specifications

On this occasion the cover that has received the discount is in White color and it will allow us to protect both our iPhone XR and extend its autonomy considerably. This built in silicone on the outside but inside we find microcircuit to protect the equipment. The method to be able to put it to our iPhone is extremely simple since it includes a kind of hinge at the top where we find the hole for the camera.

In terms of autonomy, this cover provides a total of 39 hours of conversation 22 hours of internet browsing and 27 hours of extra video playback. This will undoubtedly allow you to have the pleasure of not recharging the equipment in two days and arriving home with a more than enough battery. The smart recharge operation also works great as the device will first be recharged up to 80% and then the case will begin to do so as such.

It also includes several ways to charge the device since this case is totally compatible with Qi wireless charging standard to make it much more convenient to recharge our iPhone XR anywhere. But obviously it also includes a Lighting connection at the bottom that will allow us to plug both the charging cable and that of our compatible headphones.

And you, are you going to opt for buying this case with integrated battery?

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