Offer in bluetooth headphones: less than 20 euros

Offer in bluetooth headphones, from 17 euros

The staunch Apple fans tend to think of AirPods when we hear “wireless headphones” and the truth is that these are very good headphones, but they are not the only ones. We can’t even give other big brands like Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi as the only manufacturers. We can find good headphones with which to listen to music without having to be the best and therefore spend a lot of money.

headset offer

These QueenDer headphones, available on Amazon, are a perfect example of an accessory that features the three ‘B’: good pretty and cheap. Good because despite the fact that its audio quality is not the best, they offer us a good range of sound with which to have surround audio when we watch a video, listen to a song or catch up with our favorite podcast. Nice because they have a very premium design, with three rubber sizes adjustable to our ear. And cheap because they can be found by € 16.99 in black or € 22.09 in white.

Both models are identical and the price difference is mainly due to stock variations. They are currently with this offer, which is temporary. That is why we recommend hurry up to buy them before they return to their original price or the stock runs out completely. It should be noted that they come with a guarantee from Amazon and the manufacturer in case during the first few days they would like to be returned or if after a few weeks or months a fault outside the user is detected.

Returning to the technical characteristics of these headphones, we find technology bluetooth 5.0 which will allow a fast connection with both iPhone, iPad or Mac and with any device other than Apple. It also has touch features that allow you to hang up or reject calls, pass songs or increase and decrease the volume. The autonomy It is also quite good, with up to 5 hours of use. Putting the headphones back in the case we can get charge again.

As if this were not enough, they have water and dust protection, so that you can not worry if you are going to exercise with them and fear that they may be damaged by sweat or rain. So, if you have been convinced by the features and photo design of these headphones, do not hesitate and get them.

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