Nomad updates its charging base allowing us to charge up to 5 devices

Apple Watch Nomad Charging Base

The Nomad guys, just released an update their popular charging base for Apple Watch and that also allows charging two other wireless charging devices. The new version that is already available on the Nomad website, and is a bit more expensive.

The main novelty that we find in the update of the Nomad charging base for the Apple Watch are two charging ports, ports with which the number of devices that we can charge simultaneously is expanded, although not wirelessly.

Apple Watch Nomad Charging Base

The wireless charging speed of the three coils available on the top of the device, offer a power of 10W and the charger for the Apple Watch is integrated. At the back of the base, we found an 18W USB-C port and a 7.5W USB-A port. It incorporates an ambient light sensor that attenuates the charge indicators at night, making it ideal for placing on the nightstand.

If we compare the price of the Nomad charging base with others currently available in the market, we could say that it is expensive. However, if we compare the quality, power and versatility it offers us, andIt’s very difficult to find a charging base with the same features and quality in the market.

This new version Now available on the official Nomad website, for $ 149.95. At the moment, it is not available in Spain through the usual distributors, but it is a matter of time that it does, so if you do not want to pay the customs fees, it is a matter of waiting a bit. If you buy the base through Nomad, you will get a 50% discount on lightning cables protected outside by Keblar.

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