No personalized engraving on replacement iPods

Apple has decided to stop the custom recordings on replacement iPods, as confirmed by an internal memo shared in these hours with the service providers authorized by the company.

ipod touch engraving

If you have an iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle or iPod classic damaged with a message engraved on the back, and an Apple technician determines that the entire device needs to be replaced, Apple will provide a replacement unit from its inventory without any incisions. Previously, customers had the option to request a replacement device with a new etching, which was shipped directly from China.

Given that the iPod touch is a niche product in the Apple range and that all other iPod models have not been smooth for years, this change is unlikely to affect a significant number of customers. However, if you have engraved a message on your old iPod, know that in the event of problems and the relative replacement of the device, that incision will be lost forever.


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