new rumors about camera and screen

There are many analysts who point out that in March or April Apple will hold a new product presentation event. This is expected as it could not be otherwise the iPhone 9 or the AirTag and there are also some voices that they talk about the fourth generation iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro 2020 camera may vary

In recent months we have seen different rumors that point to the iPad Pro It will have a renewed camera module at its rear. As in the iPhone 11 it has opted to include a module of three cameras, this can also be extrapolated to the iPad Pro 2020. This has been seen in a case that has leaked in these last hours of this supposed iPad Pro 2020 In this we can clearly see a triple camera configuration as we have in the iPhone 11 so the door opens for these new iPad to have a significant improvement in the camera.

Hypothetical iPad Pro 2020 case

Apart from this change in the back, the next-generation iPad Pro would continue betting on the USB-C connector and a small hole that we see on the right side that would accommodate the microphone as before. This triple camera system would allow you to have a better experience when exploiting Augmented Reality with our iPad.

The iPad screen will also change, the better

If we ignore the chassis design of this new iPad Pro, we must look at a new report that has been published by Economic Daily News. In this it is specified that the screens of the new iPad Pro will have a new technology: mini-LED. This same report states that this new tablet model is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2020 so it takes a lot of weight off the idea of ​​seeing it at a March event.

The mini-LED technology is halfway between the LED panels and the micro-LEDs. With this, the current iPad panels are abandoned to move on to a technology that gives us a better contrast, brightness and black levels. This will make it much more satisfactory to work with this device and also responds to those people who demanded an OLED panel on the new iPad.

As we see, Apple has let the iPad rest to give a very good return to its concept in order to offer users interesting improvements and a worthwhile presentation. In 2019, Apple probably could have launched a new iPad, but with few new features and this It would have angered the general public. But with these small changes that are rumored, including the hypothetical 5G connectivity, there will be many reasons to change iPad.

And you, what do you think about these new rumors about the new iPad Pro? Will you end up acquiring it?

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