New AirPods X, Apple TV Gen X and iPod Touch Touch X- iPhone Italy

Target’s inventory system has leaked many details on some Apple products that will be released in the near future, including AirPods X, Apple TV Gen X, Apple iPod Touch X Generation and straps for Apple Watch Series X.

Airpods (X Generation)

We start from the Airpods X Generation which are listed at a price of 399 dollars, far superior to those of the AirPods Pro and for this reason we can certainly insert them in the high end of the market. Probably these are the much rumored over-ear headphones from Apple, which recently appeared in an Apple patent.

Three different SKUs are listed for this product, so we can speculate that they may be available in different colors.

Apple TV Gen X

The new Apple TV is listed for $ 179 for the 32GB variant. It is not the first time that signals of a new Apple TV arrive in the pipeline, in fact already in the iOS 13 code references have been found to this new “Apple TV” with A12 Bionic chip.

Apple iPod Touch X Generation

The new iPod Touch X Generation is listed at a price of $ 399. So far there have never been rumors regarding the arrival of a new version of the iPod Touch, which was last updated in May 2019 with a price starting from $ 199 and going up to $ 399. Coincidentally, $ 399 should also be the starting price of the new low-cost iPhone, so there is a possibility that the indication “iPod touch” is incorrect and that it refers to the new iPhone. Or it could simply be an updated 256 GB iPod touch.

Apple Watch Series X straps

The new straps for “Apple Watch” are listed at a price of $ 49 and we have little doubt about these, as Apple regularly updates its strap offers for its smartwatch at every Apple event.

The use of the “X” nomenclature for all new products could only be a temporary choice, perhaps used by Target to “mark” the fact that these are new devices not yet on the market. It is therefore possible that everyone will arrive on the market without this nomenclature. The next Apple event should take place next 31 March, so it is possible that we will see them all on that occasion.


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