Netflix: the “top 10” of the best TV series and films arrives

Netflix is ​​launching one new functionality called “top 10” which will allow users to see the most popular content on the service, divided by TV series and films.

Netflix claims that these top 10 will be updated on a daily basis in each country. The main screen in the Netflix app will show a general top 10 that will combine both TV series and films, but going to the TV series or movies tab we will see a specific top 10. The shows that appear on this list will receive a top 10 badges that will be present wherever they appear on Netflix, as a sign of recognition.

One of the biggest criticisms that users have always made of Netflix is ​​that the company made it difficult to understand what other people were actually watching about the service. Although there is a selection curated by Netflix regarding popular content, there has never been a sort of “top chart”, with content ranked in order of popularity.

This new feature is being released today for Netflix users on all platforms.


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