Microsoft releases the Office app for iPhone with Word, Excel and PowerPoint

The app Office for iPhone it also includes new features regarding the three apps, as well as a new interface that is even more optimized for smartphone touch screens.

office iphone

Word, Excel is PowerPoint are now merged into a single app that allows you to work with documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can then open any compatible file and edit it, as well as enable remote collaboration with other users. There is no shortage of templates to easily create various types of documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Office also allows you to easily archive, use and search for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files stored in your personal storage space on the cloud, on the device or in the organization if you use a corporate account.

Other features now available:

  • Take a photo of a document and turn it into an editable Word file
  • Turn the image of a table into an Excel spreadsheet to work on the data
  • Allow PowerPoint to design a presentation by simply selecting the images to use from the phone
  • Automatically create better digital images of whiteboards and documents with the Office Lens features built into the app
  • Quickly perform common mobile tasks with predefined actions
  • Instantly create PDFs from photos or Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents
  • Move files easily between phone and computer
  • Sign PDFs using your finger
  • Quickly jot down ideas and notes with Memo
  • Scan the QR codes to open the links

Anyone can download for free the Office app and start using it right away. By logging into an Office 365 subscription with a personal, corporate or educational Microsoft account, you can get premium features within the app.

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