Microsoft announces that it will take Windows Defender to iOS

Windows Defender

Microsoft’s advanced threat protection, better known as Microsoft Defender, has become the best antivirus available today on any computer that is managed by Windows 10, since it is included natively, it integrates perfectly into the system and is completely free.

The boys of Satya Nadella have announced that they have planned launch Microsoft Defender on iOS, as in Android. Its availability within Android is clear, since Android is a sink for viruses, malware and others that we can find not only in third-party applications not available in the Play Store, but also those we can find in the Play Store.

The antivirus applications that we can find in the App Store, they don’t really offer antivirus protection, since it is a closed operating system, and in most cases, they offer functions such as phishing prevention, website blocking and phone calls, access to VPN services …

Before criticizing, for free and without any basis, the movement that Microsoft has announced, we will have to wait for next week, to the RSA Conference to be held in San Francisco and where it has promised to give more details.

Microsoft is not only focusing part of its efforts on mobile platforms, but also focusing on improving the integration of its services (Azure, Office 365 …) with the desktop platforms, being the Outlook mail client for desktops, A potential source of infections.

Maybe the idea of ​​Microsoft when launching Microsoft Defender for iOS, and Android, is to analyze the attached content of the emails we receive on our mobile device so that in the case of wanting to share it directly from our smartphone, we will not send a infected or potentially dangerous file when accessed from your computer.

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