Mario Kart Tour multiplayer in real-time for iOS available on March 8

Mario Kart is a classic in car racing video games that is still very alive in 2020. It was one of the flagship games that emerged for the Super Nintendo in 1992, and last year it was reborn with Mario Kart Tour, this time for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has been testing multiplayer for months, and has just announced that we can compete against our friends in real time starting next week. Great news for Mario game lovers and their friends.

Nintendo announced last night that Mario Kart Tour for iOS will receive a new update next week. The novelty is that the multiplayer mode is added in real time. Since December it is being tested in beta, and it will finally be available to all users from March 8.

There will be three multiplayer modes

There will be three different ways to play online:

  • With other nearby players: Choose your own rules and race with your close friends. The rules do not change.
  • Standard races: Compete against players from all over the world to raise your level with rules that change every day. Two sets of rules change daily.
  • Gold Careers: Available exclusively for MKT Gold Pass subscribers. Compete against the best of the best to get the highest grade. There are four set of rules that change daily.

Since December, these three modes can be played with the beta version of the game, but limited to Gold Pass subscribers. From next week will be implemented in the final game for all users. Only the “Gold Races” will be limited to users with Gold Pass.

Gold Pass is a monthly subscription to the “Premium” features of Mario Kart Tour, priced at 5.49 Euros per month. You can download it for free from the App Store .

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