Malware on Mac goodbye with Intego Mac Premium Bundle

Despite being the most difficult computers to attack with viruses and malware, Macs are still not immune to attack by attackers. For this reason, today we want to talk to you aboutIntego Mac Premium Bundle X9, a powerful and easy to use software suite that will minimize the risk of our Mac becoming infected.

The solution proposed by Intego is truly complete and allows Mac users to significantly reduce the risk of virus / malware attacks by attackers. The bundle we are talking about today includes five different programs, all structured to guarantee the best possible level of protection. Let’s analyze them in detail.

1. Intego VirusBarrier X9

Mac malware is steadily increasing and Intego was the first to detect and neutralize “CrescentCore “, the famous malware that can be spread through simple download links through browsers and can be perfectly “innocent” in Google searches. This was not an isolated case, however, given that Mac users have been victims of fake antivirus attacks, altered copies of Flash Player, injectors, RATs, government spy software and more in the past year. The tool VirusBarrier X9 protects users from such attacks. In addition, with the latest update just released, the software has been speeded up and now allows you to analyze the security status of the system even on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch when they are connected to the Mac.

2. Intego NetBarrier X9

Unlike the built-in firewall on Macs that only blocks incoming connections, NetBarrier X9 it can also act on outgoing connections. This means that you can block access to certain apps and guarantee this privilege only to “safe” software. In this way you will be able to identify the apps that act on the network in a dubious way, avoiding that they can track your use and transfer sensitive data to the developer’s servers.

3. Intego Personal Backup 10.9

The function Personal Backup 10.9 it is particularly useful, as the name suggests, in cases where it is necessary to perform a constant backup of the Mac, perhaps even going to replace Time Machine – which is certainly not the most comfortable and reliable method to perform a backup of your Apple computer. This tool also includes a function that Time Machine is unable to offer, that is, the possibility of making a backup on another Mac. The backups generated by Personal Backup are also bootable, then the user can restart a Mac simply by restoring the backup in question, which does not happen with Time Machine (you need to configure the Mac and import the Time Machine backup, a phase that generally takes a long time). Last but not least feature of this tool is the ability to schedule backups at the most convenient times of the day, thus avoiding slowdowns of the Mac when in use.

4. Mac Washing Machine X9

This tool is not strictly related to Mac security but still offers interesting advantages. It is in fact an efficient way to free up space on your Mac and always ensure the free space needed to download and install macOS system updates. By using this software to clean the Mac memory you will be able to free up space easily and this will also make the Mac operating system more stable and faster. A double advantage!

5. ContentBarrier X9

The fifth utility included in the Intego bundle allows parents to help manage the content accessible to their children. Through a centralized configuration it will be possible to create browser usage profiles dedicated to each child, in order to customize the user experience and control it at the same time.

Promotion Mac Premium Bundle

In addition to offering a completely free trial period, Intego offers its own these days Mac Premium Bundle at a really interesting price. The annual subscription to the service is in fact discounted from € 84.99 to only € 69.99, while the 24-month subscription, normally available for € 158.99, is offered for only € 129.99. With a relatively low cost, you can immunize your Mac from attacks that could jeopardize your privacy and the integrity of your personal files. You can take advantage of the offer by clicking on this link and take advantage of the 40% discount on your purchase!


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