Makoto Shinkai protagonist of the video “Behind the Mac”

Apple has made a new video of the “Behind the Mac” campaign in Japan, this time dedicated to the director and animator of “Your Name”, Makoto Shinkai.

behind the mac japan

The profile of Makoto Shinkai explores the life of the manga artist, from the first years in Nagano to the success achieved thanks to exciting stories with an unmistakable trait.

The video mainly concerns Makoto’s work experience with the Mac, which today is an indispensable tool for his work. Taking advantage of the Mac’s capabilities for image and audio editing, Makoto created an animated storyboard for one of his previous animations, a job that was later transformed into a complete production demonstrating the great flexibility of the Mac when it comes to creativity.

This is just the latest video from Apple’s “Behind the Mac” campaign, which highlights how the Mac helps artists and creators to produce their work.


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