Mac with Apple processor: hypothetical submission date

The next Mac will have its own Apple processor

Ming-Chi Kuo in this research note makes it clear that the products presented between 12 and 18 months They will have a processor created by Apple itself. This move will makee replace the CPUs provided by Intel They have reigned in recent years. This movement is not new, but has been rumored for several months stating that Apple was working on custom ARM processors. Now these rumors have been confirmed by the renowned technological guru Ming-Chi Kuo, adding a psoible presentation framework.

MacBook Air 2018

It’s no secret that the next chips included in the iPhone and iPad will have a 5 nm architecture and this will also move to the Mac in 2021. But we must bear in mind that the coronavirus has fully affected the research department and this will affect these plans.

With this change of processor Apple will have a clear freedom that previously did not have with Intel. So far the company depends on Intel to launch its new equipment but now everything will be at home. They will have absolute control of their processors as well as the launch calendar. That is why we will be able to adjust in the calendar specific dates of hypothetical launch as it happens with the iPhone. In addition, that both the iPhone, iPad and Mac have the same chip architecture and are made with the same engineers makes their joint work much more efficient. This opens the door for Apple’s ecosystem to continue to make sense.

Obviously the software must suffer a transition state With the arrival of these new processors. As the developer Steve Troughton-Smith points out, this would be the last WWDC before the launch of these new Macs and in advance provide the corresponding development kit to developers with the necessary tools to work in that environment.

We will have to wait to see how the events unfold but without doubt interesting releases are coming in the coming months that we should not miss.

And you, what do you think Apple is betting on its own Mac processor? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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