LumaFusion is updated allowing us to export projects to Final Cut Pro X

Many will know LumaFusion, the best video editing app for iOS devices. And it is a video editor with many of the functions we have in applications such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or even Avid. An app that allows us to mount video in several layers, insert titles, or even add effects to clips. LumaFusion has just reached version 2.2 by adding the highly anticipated XML export function for Final Cut Pro X …

As we say, LumaFusion takes a step forward and now allows us something that many users demanded: the possibility of export an XML file of our project and then import it into Fina Cut Pro X (Following some workflows we can import it also in Premiere or Avid). This is very useful as it will allow us to make quick edits in LumaFusion and then take them to other more complex editing programs.

  • FCPXML export. Export your LumaFusion projects to Final Cut Pro X to continue editing on the desktop. We have created exciting workflows that facilitate the transfer of XML and the linking of original media to save time and storage. FCPXML Export is available as a single purchase in the application in LumaFusion. For more information on what features are supported, see frequently asked questions and tutorials at:
  • Add / edit sources and destinations. Easily organize library and import sources and export destinations, including a separate organization for each type of export. Simply touch the Add / Edit sources or Add / Edit destinations buttons in the source and destination selectors in LumaFusion. GNARBOX and WD Wireless users should add those library sources again after upgrading to version 2.2
  • The new tutorial videos Amazing with PhotoJoseph help you get the most out of LumaFusion. The reference guide and tutorial videos are well synchronized, so you can find the information you need, when and where you need it. See the new tutorials at
  • The new Storyblocks collections allow you to find interesting curated content quickly (LumaFusion includes a selection of free Storyblocks content; requires access to the entire library and subscription in the application).
  • Added support for the new SanDisk iXpand Drive Go

You have to keep in mind that LumaFusion is a paid app, is probably the best editing app for mobile devices, but in this case we have to pay 32.99 euros to download the app. An app that as you see is very worthwhile and that is gradually getting great functions. If you like to edit video, you use Final Cut Pro X, and you have an iPad (I do not recommend it for iPhone due to the size of the device), do not hesitate to get LumaFusion, the best video editing app for iOS.

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