LG Innotek closes a plant due to coronavirus

LG Innotek closed the Gumi factory in South Korea where iPhone camera modules are produced, after the first employee coronavirus case was discovered.

lg innotek

With this closing unexpected, Apple faces yet another problem resulting from the coronavirus epidemic which is no longer limited to China alone. LG Innotek in fact, it is an important supplier of the company, given that i modules used in the cameras of the latest iPhones. In addition, the modules for the cameras of the iPhone 12 should also be produced in the same factory.

LG has decided to close the Gumi plant in South Korea after first case of coronavirus among employees. The company would like to resume operations already tomorrow, after disinfecting the department where this employee worked, but at the moment there are no certainties.

Tim Cook reiterated that he was not worried about the long term, although Apple has also started to monitor the situation in Italy carefully.


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