Launch of new iMac and MacBook, when will it be?

The 13-inch MacBook Pro could incorporate news from the 16-inch

At the end of last 2019 we witnessed a highly anticipated launch by MacBook Pro users, and it was none other than the 16-inch model. This inherited a size about the same as 15 inches, but with a reduction of frames on the screen and the introduction of a keyboard with scissor mechanism that left behind the controversial butterfly keyboard.

Precisely the keyboard is one of the aspects that the 13-inch MacBook Pro could bring, with the aforementioned scissor mechanism that Apple has called Magic Keyboard. This name is not casual either, since in a way it is similar to the iMac keyboard that has the same name. Moreover, in several tests it was found that both teams can exchange their keys, allowing them to remain functional.

Magic Keyboard Apple MacBook Pro 16

Another section to consider, inheriting functionalities of the larger model, would be the size ratio on the front. It is not believed that the size of this new equipment can be reduced considerably compared to its current versions, but it is expected that the front has smaller frames.

The processor update and other components are also foreseeable novelties for this equipment. Like we could see a improvement in ventilation when the MacBook carries out somewhat heavier processes than usual. This has also become a problem in recent years, so Apple will have taken note as it already did with the model launched at the end of 2019.

New iMac, although without a redesign (yet)

The iMac is one of Apple’s most characteristic equipment, already focused on heavier tasks and requiring users to perform their tasks in a fixed way at home or an office. In recent years there are few visual innovations that we have had in these teams. There has been improvement of internal components and better screen resolutions, but without a differentiating visual element the rest. And this year, luckily or unfortunately, it seems that this will remain unchanged.

Apple has recently used to renew its iMac once or twice a year, bringing new generations of processors and improving other internal aspects. Following this line, in March I would also see some of this. Although we emphasize the few possibilities of seeing news beyond, the truth is that it is inevitable that some patents registered in recent times in reference to this computer model and its design come to mind.

There has even been talk that the Cupertino company could abandon Intel chips in favor of AMD’s, although this would be for its entire range of computers and not just the iMac. In any case it does not seem to be a circumstance that could occur in the short term.

When will they launch exactly?

As we said at the beginning, it seems that the last week of march It would be marked in red on all Apple Park calendars. In addition to these iMac and MacBook Pro there are also other products such as the fourth generation of iPad Pro, Powerbeats 4, Apple Tag and the aforementioned iPhone 9. Possibly these were presented through a press release no need to create a special event, since they are not very important news for this.

However, these are Apple’s possible plans on paper. In reality there is a factor that could play a leading role in all this: coronavirus. This disease that has China as the epicenter of the outbreak is causing much of the factories of the Asian country, including Apple, are delaying their processes. The health alert is very high and this is generating serious doubts about the launch of these products. Therefore there could be some alteration in the calendar, although from Cupertino they try to accelerate to the maximum to arrive on time.

In any case, we will remain attentive to any news related to features not yet known about these devices, as well as their possible launch dates.

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