Lady Gaga releases Love, her new single with a video clip shot with an iPhone 11 Pro

Many brands are helped by famous people to try to reach more people, a common practice that has been done since the origins of advertising, and Apple (obviously) was not going to be less. We get a new musical collaboration between an artist and Apple that will undoubtedly be on everyone’s lips for the next few days … Lady Gaga has just released her new single Love, and best of all, the Video clip is shot with an iPhone 11 Pro. Yes, Love’s video clip is the new video Shot in iPhone

As you can see in the Love video clip, everything is Shot in a studio using an iPhone 11 Pro as the only camera next to the app of Filmic Pro (as explained in the text that appears at the end of the video). Yes, apart from the iPhone you have to take into account all the accessories they have used, including studio cranes, and a recording studio with perfect lighting, still we do not detract from the camera of the iPhone 11 Pro. A video clip rated by Billboard boys (one of the most important American music media) as epic Like the song. In addition, this video is the cover letter of what will be Lady Gaga’s new album.

Great collaboration of Apple, the campaign includes the video that you can see above as a spot with the phrase Shot on iPhone. Of course, the long version that appears on the artist’s channel does not include these words although in the description we do see the hashtag as in the publication that Lady Gaga made on her Twitter account A few hours ago presenting the new song. She is the artist of the moment and Apple knows it, surely with the release of the album we have some more surprise with Apple and Lady Gaga.

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