its arrival on the market will be bitter

The iPhone 9 will reach the market weakly

Right now in China the factories are operating at a minimums because of the lack of personnel, and this would be resulting in a disorganization in the mass production of the iPhone 9. If finally this equipment is presented at the end of March or beginning of April, its production should have started this February but in the end the plans have gone quite wrong.

IPhone 9 Totalle case

As it points Nikkei, as a result of COVID-19, the initial stock of the iPhone 9 will be quite low. This will cause Delivery dates are extended well beyond the normal average. The units that will be put on sale initially will be quite scarce and will certainly remind us of the problems that the iPhone X suffered in its launch. Right now the different suppliers of components for the iPhone are operating around 30 or 50%, So they must overcome different obstacles to overcome this problem. Among these obstacles, the lack of personnel, as we have said before, and also the transport logistics stand out.

In Nikkei they collect the statements of a person who is in contact with the production chain. It states that the suppliers are doing everything possible to recover their normality in the next four weeks. Otherwise it could affect in a negative way in all the launch plans that Apple has for the first half of 2020. From the company they have wanted to be cautious affirming that the economic results will not be as good as expected in the initial analyzes.

We must wait at the end of March to see if the company’s presentation plans remain stable or otherwise move on the calendar. But what is clear is that if there is a lot of demand for this iPhone 9, although we do not believe that it exceeds that of other mobile devices of the company, there will be severe problems with regard to delivery times.

And you, do you think there will be problems with the delivery of the iPhone 9? Will you be interested in buying it? Leave us all your opinions in the comment box.

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