Is iOS an adware that promotes Apple services?

One of the Tumblr app software engineers has released quite strong, and in part also curious, statements against Apple and the promotions of its services.

ios adware

Steve Streza expressed his opinion on his own personal blog:

Apple uses insidious tactics to show advertisements for its services on iOS. A lot of advertising on devices that we paid for. iOS 13 has many advertisements promoting Apple services, from the moment of the first activation and during future uses. These ads cannot be hidden via the iOS content blocking extension system. Some can be ignored or hidden, but most cannot, and are designed specifically for basic apps like Music and the App Store. There is a term for describing software that has many immovable ads: adware, which what iOS has sadly become.

If you do not subscribe to these services, you will be forced to constantly watch these ads, both in the apps you use and in the push notifications that Apple has activated by default.

These advertisements are detrimental to user experience.

The developer shows some examples of invasive promotions concerning Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple News +, but also Apple Card, Apple Arcade and, of course, the App Store. Streza also believes that the situation will only get worse in the future.

Obviously, Apple has the right to communicate the existence of its services to users and to try to convince them to subscribe. And you may disagree with my assessment that some of these are adware ads. In fact, most of these ads are not annoying when taken individually. But when you get many and more services, then you understand that Apple is worsening the user experience to increase its revenues.

This problem will not improve. Apple will expand its services, both in breadth and in depth, and the adware problem will worsen unless people start criticizing Apple for what they are doing.

What do you think? Is iOS really an adware of Apple services?


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