IPhone XR offer for less than 500 euros

Get the iPhone XR for less than € 500

In the bitten apple we already talk long and hard about what are reconditioned mobiles and how quiet you can be with one of these teams in our hands. Right now at Amazon we can find a Refurbished 64GB iPhone XR and sold by Amazon itself that certainly looks very good.

The price of this equipment is € 489, in its 64 GB version that is undoubtedly a very interesting price compared to the original price of this new equipment. As we say, it is reviewed and sent by Amazon Renewed and clearly details that the equipment looks new and works perfectly. further It has a one year warranty with Amazon That has certainly given a good experience on most occasions. To this we must add that when consulting the valuations of other customers who have purchased this equipment, they are mostly good.

As a reminder, we should know that the reconditioned iPhone are equipment that has suffered a small problem and has been returned. At this time have been repaired and put back on sale obviously at a lower price since it is already second-hand. In this way we can have much more peace of mind to acquire a good iPhone, rather than do it through other applications such as Wallapop since in this way we ensure that They have passed a series of tests and repairs.

The model that has this price, has a 6.1-inch Multi-Touch screen as well as a red body that is quite beautiful. It includes a single rear camera but it gives very good results thanks to the operating system. It is true that we are not facing the latest iPhone in the market, but if you are not interested in having the latest technologies in the market in exchange for saving money This is the iPhone that you should not miss.

And you, have you ever purchased a refurbished iPhone? Tell us in the comments box your experiences.

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