IPhone 12 with ultra-short-range WiFi and AirTags with wireless charging

Because although it seems a lie there is life beyond the coronavirus, rumors continue to come about the next iPhone models. The information that arrives on the next iPhone 12 talk about a new ultra-short-range WiFi technology, which would serve for communication between devices. And we also have new information from the AirTags, Apple’s locator tags, which could have wireless charging.

Apple is expected to present the new iPhone models after summer. Baptized by all as iPhone 12 (and its different models), this new smartphone could have a technology that is not even completed, but we already know that it will be called WiFi 802.11ay, or ultra-short range. This new WiFi uses the 60GHZ band, so its range is very short and does not serve as a conventional WiFi to access the internet through a router. Its utility is in the communication between devices, from iPhone to iPhone, to Apple Watch or to iPad, for transfer information very similar to how Bluetooth does it but with a much higher data transfer rate. Apple would use this new technology to improve features already known as AirDrop, but it would also enable other new features thanks to its large transfer capacity.


And we also have new information about the AirTags, those labels that we can place on all types of objects to always have them located, and that could appear at any time. And is that these same rumors ensure that the recharging of your battery would be via wireless technology, similar to Apple Watch. In this way they could dispense with a Lightning connector that would prevent them from providing greater resistance to water. What we do not know is whether they will use the Qi standard, such as the iPhone, or if they will opt for a modified Qi, such as the Apple Watch, which requires specific chargers.

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