IPhone 12 rumors add more battery and a 64MP camera, among other novelties

Render iPhone 12

And it is that the rumorología takes time warning that the next iPhone will have changes in the camera and the battery, but now this is magnified with some data that can be shocking that first and that is to mount a rear camera with 64MP for iPhone It would be at least a powerful fact.

After many years with the 12 MP sensors Apple would raise the resolution of the camera of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro to 64MP, getting a significant improvement in the quality of the image that we can say today is very good. On the other hand there is talk of a battery 10% higher than the current one reaching in the upper model, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the 4400 mAh. No doubt the battery of the current model in its Max version is brutal, because if they improve it, it will be impressive.

Also talk about a red model And this is not something new at Apple. We all know the PRODUCT (RED) campaign and therefore it would not be unusual for this color to arrive in the next Pro model of the iPhone, especially considering that it is available today for the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR, but Not in other models. We will see how this color ends because there is talk of an exclusive contract (at launch) with an American operator, to see what comes out of this.

The night model could also be implemented in the front camera of the next model and it is that if we already have the “Slofies” why we can not have the night mode in the front. Apple’s Smart HDR technology would also be improved, going to be called Smart XDA. Ultimately new changes in the cameras that according to these rumors also improve the wide-angle sensor with greater aperture and improvements in the aforementioned night mode.

On the new iOS 14 some rumors are also visible, although in this case it seems that it would be a more polished operating system, with few changes in terms of functions but much more stable. Some media claim that this new iOS will add screen changes for incoming calls, being more similar to a notification and not as abrupt as the current screen that “covers” everything we are doing at that precise moment. We will see how this is and how many of these rumors end up being a reality, for now, They are only rumors.

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