iPhone 11 is the second best-selling smartphone of 2019

New reports confirm a great success for the Cupertino smartphones presented last year, electing iPhone 11 as the best-selling smartphone of the 2019 triad. The first place however eludes the advantage of another smartphone from the Cuperino company.

iPhone 11

We are talking about the iPhone Xr which has obtained an undisputed first place, undoubtedly facilitated both by a wider marketing period but also by a decidedly inviting price compared to the various offers that have seen it protagonist. According to the report released by Counterpoint Research iPhone Xr represents 3% the market share of the sector, closely followed by the iPhone 11 which represents 2.1% of last year’s sales.

The result undoubtedly acquires more value if we think that iPhone 11 was marketed only in September 2019, while iPhone Xr had a whole year to grind sales; The numbers also make it clear how important the Christmas season is for Apple, always capable of giving a significant sprint to sales.

iPhone 11 Sales

By taking a look at the graph, we can also highlight the numbers relating to the other Apple-branded smartphone models; iPhone 11 Pro Max stands in eighth place with a share of 1.1%, with iPhone 11 Pro which is instead excluded from the top ten. Curious to note how in the ranking Samsung’s top-of-the-range smartphones are not present, which still manages to pinch itself on the upper floors thanks to the models of the Galaxy A50 and A10 series. The United States is unquestionably the heart of sales for Apple, but in the east in marked difficulty, benefiting from the Oppo company.

iPhone 11 sales

It remains to be understood what Apple’s strategies will be for this 2020 that should start, Coronavirus permitting, with the imminent release of the iPhone SE2 expected in the coming weeks.



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