iOS 14, a new concept imagines some of the news

WWDC 2020 is just a few months away, an event that for several years has been used by Apple to present its new operating systems dedicated to its products and which will reveal the next iOS 14 operating system.

iOS 14 Concept

It remains to be seen whether the emergency linked to Coronavirus will impact on the usual opening keynote but the wait is as always very high for what will be the new software that will be presented by Apple. The network has always been a significant breeding ground for concept and new ideas but what we show you today is definitely interesting. The new concept was shared by Advan on our YouTube channel and in just over 1:30 minutes we are shown many very interesting ideas on the aesthetic and functional solutions that Apple could adopt for its next operating system.

The concept illustrates a new possible interface relating to a retractable notification system, which introduces a new design regarding the home screen. New even more minimal icons, new narrower grid to make room for more icons is pop-up retractable masks regarding incoming calls (with device unlocked) and Siri. As we mentioned in an article a few days ago, Advan thought of a new menu to set the application for web browsing, mail and music as well as a new design for Apple Music and the settings menu.

The concept, although very well developed, is based solely on the ideas of the content creator in question and we therefore want to clarify (if ever it were needed) that it could not absolutely reflect the ideas that Apple has in store for the new operating system arriving in June. What do you think of this new concept? Would you like to see these innovations implemented in Apple’s mobile operating system? Let us know below in the comments area.


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