Interview with Laurene Powell Jobs between Steve Jobs and beyond

Laurene Powell Jobs has released one of her rare interviews to talk not only about Steve Jobs, but also about the philanthropic efforts she is carrying out in honor of her husband.

laurene powell jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs, Widow of the co-founder of Apple, is a very private person and hardly leaves public interviews, so his long speech at New York Times deserves attention.

I inherited my wealth from my husband, who didn’t care about the accumulation of money“He said. “I am doing this in honor of his work and I am dedicating my life to do the best I can, in order to make people and communities informed in a sustainable way“.

The “this” Laurene Powell Jobs refers to is her efforts in world of journalism. She is very frank against the current Trump administration and believes that American democracy is at risk without an adequate base of journalists. Laurene Powell Jobs also invested in the Emerson Collective, a foundation that she manages to improve and train new journalists. Just with the Emerson Collective he also acquired the majority of The Atlantic, Pop-Up Magazine and Axios.

I don’t care about the buildings to be collected for inheritance, and my children know it“, he added. “Steve wasn’t interested in this. If I live long enough, this will all end with me. “

Laurene Powell Jobs 2

Many of the topics discussed in the New York Times interview also concern the current Apple, with Tim Cook which has many points in common with her: “When he says that we have to leave the world better than we found it, here is a feeling that I share and that I also carry on. We must not accept the world in which we were born as something fixed and impermeable“.

Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs met while Jobs was carrying out the NeXT project after being dismissed from Apple: “Our relationship was a wonderful connection that influenced both of us positively. We spent hours talking every day. People love to quote him with the phrase ‘put a dent in the universe’, but it’s too superficial. We may be able to change circumstances. The structures of society should not have brakes on people, because we should all be able to live a productive and fulfilling life. All of this is truly possible and I want to prove it with Emerson Collective. “

At the end of the interview, Laurene Powell Jobs reiterated that the philosophy of simplicity and elegance are the basis of her lifestyle, just like for Apple products.


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