International Women’s Day, Apple adds two new events to its stores

As we reported a few days ago, Apple has scheduled a series of events dedicated to International Women’s Day in its stores to be held during this month. In addition to the events already announced, the company has thought of two new events that will be included in the program.

In addition to the activities already announced, the Cupertino company is planning new events that will focus on music and visual art, with a prominent host within the female creative landscape.

In the first of the two new events the protagonist will be the music and the participants will have the opportunity to try their hand at real remixes of thea new song by Alicia Keys, “Underdog”, using iPhone and iPad. The second activity, focused instead on visual art, will teach participants how to create a real work of art starting from a photograph and applying motifs, stickers and colors of various kinds; the well-known application will be used for this activity procreate.

For the moment, none of the new planned activities includes an Apple Store in Italy, but we still recommend that you take a look at the new events Art Lab is Music Lab; you could always be lucky and be able to get accredited maybe during a small holiday already planned.



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