Instagram on iPad has no application due to lack of time

Instagram CEO responds, but not happy

It is true that since Instagram they have been quite elusive to give some kind of compelling reason to justify this neglect, but in the end the Instagram CEO has responded. This answer comes through his Twitter account where he answered precisely a question that was left on his Instagram account, in the stories, following this issue. Apparently already tired of so much speculation, he wanted to make clear whatand do not develop an iPad application because it is not among their priorities.

Specifically, Adam Mosseri’s response is as follows:

We would like to create an iPad application, but we don’t have many people and we have a lot to do, and it hasn’t yet emerged as the next best option.

We have undoubtedly been surprised by this response coming from a company that preciselye does not invoice little or is not popular. We are talking about a real giant that currently belongs to Facebook and that is why we do not understand that they have not taken the necessary time or the human team to develop their app on iPad.

Why don’t we just believe this answer?

It is for these reasons that the Instagram CEO’s response has fallen quite badly among users. It shows that the application is starting to run and has hardly any resources when it is the opposite, since It has enough resources and a consolidated infrastructure. It should not be too much of a headache on Instagram to create a development group dedicated to iPad, but surely not the most profitable. But obviously excusing yourself in the economic section does not look too good for the user, so they hide that there are few people working and with much to do. Here everyone must draw their own conclusions.


What seems clear is that the development of an Instagram application for iPad is not even remotely close. This is something we do not understand, but we must endure and continue using our mobile device to navigate this social network.

And you, what do you think of this decision? Do you see the existence of an iPad app necessary? Leave us your comments in the comment box.

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