Instagram CEO says there will be no iPad app for now


They are those things that a priori do not understand much, if you are not within the companies involved and you know the reasons that lead them to make certain decisions that are somewhat incomprehensible. One of these is why there is no Instagram application for iPad. It is not explained.

The social network of Instagram is already old but still fully in force. It is mainly based on sharing your images: photos and videos. We agree that the cameras of the iPads are not exactly the most suitable to make good photos to be published, but instead they have magnificent screens and An Instagram app on iPad would be great. Today the CEO of the company has talked about it, giving the matter a long time.

We are in 2020 and it seems incomprehensible that there is not yet an application for Instagram iPad, one of the most important social networks in the world. This weekend a user has asked Twitter directly to Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, and he has replied.

Mosseri argues The reason why they haven’t developed an iPad application is that the company doesn’t have enough resources to keep Instagram on two different platforms like iPhone and iPad. We all know that Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012, so that “lack of resources” does not slip.

His textual words have been:

We would like to create an iPad application, and although we have many people, we have a lot to do, and it is not yet our next priority.

There have been over the years several third-party applications for iPad that used the Instagram API, but the company changed that API and removed them from the market, without ever developing its own application. They are based on the fact that there is enough with the Instagram web application on iPad, and it can be added to the home screen with Safari. Obviously, it would not be the same as a good dedicated application.

That said, are company decisions that are not understood too much. It would not cost so much to explain the reason for this position, somewhat incomprehensible, and not to apologize by saying that they lack resources. Surely Mark Zuckerberg has not done any grace this tweet.

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