How to use the Apple Watch to take a picture with the iPhone

Apple Watch camera

Surely many of you already know the operation of the iPhone camera and that we can take a photo directly with the Apple Watch, but you may not know the option that allows us to change the camera or choose a different mode from the watch itself.

This function is very good when we want to take a picture without having to leave the iPhone to anyone, we can use the timer, put ourselves well and take the picture. We can also move directly with the zoom using the digital crown and all without touching the iPhone, yes, the distance between the Apple Watch and the iPhone has to be about 10 meters maximum for it to work.

Taking a photo is simple and sure that more than one of those present has already made one (leaving friends impressed) directly leaving the iPhone resting on a table and making the capture with the Apple Watch. But the thing is not only in this and we can use more options available within the Apple Watch camera application itself.

Change the camera or select a different mode

This can be done easily from the Apple Watch when we press the clock screen harder. When we have the application open and we see the image we can press the screen hard and press any of the different options that offers:

Apple Watch camera

Changing cameras, activating or deactivating the flash, using HDR mode or activating Live are some of the options we have available. We can also modify the zoom using the digital crown and view the photos directly from the Apple Watch photos app. Using the timer involves a burst of 10 photos And when it comes to a group photo it is undoubtedly the best option. Did you already try this method to take your photos leaving the iPhone away from your hands?

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