How to use Public Transportation in Apple Maps

Apple continues to improve the Maps application, and now practically all cities in Spain have public transport information available, in order to calculate your routes using it. How is it used? What options do you have? We give you all the keys to get the most out of this function that almost everyone can use now.

Generally when establishing a route to a destination that you have searched, the default option that Maps offers you is by car. However, it is very easy to change the means of transport, and choose the best route on foot, use public transport or even shared transport. This last option is not yet available in Spain, but yes we already have the option of public transport in most cities. Just look at the bottom of the screen and choose the “T. Public ”to automatically use the public transport information of your city and different alternatives.

It usually gives you several routes with different means of transport and different estimates of the duration of the route, so you can choose the one that suits you best. It also informs you of the arrival time of the bus, subway or train. But if this were not enough you can See more options by clicking on “More routes”, change the departure time or even set the arrival time to know what time you should take the bus and not be late. Changing the origin of the route can also be done, in case you don’t want to set your current location as a starting point. Many options that we explain in the video at the beginning of the article. Once the route is established, you just have to follow the instructions of your iPhone and / or Apple Watch.

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