How to speed up updates on Apple Watch

Why does it take so long to update the Apple Watch?

The problem of slow downloading updates for Apple Watch It lies mainly in the connection between our iPhone and the watch. We may think that it may be because the servers are saturated, but we must think that what is being done is to download the iPhone and then transfer the update file to Apple Watch. The Bluetooth connection is not the fastest in the world and it is here that a bottleneck is created. Even if you have a very good internet connection, this is not going to speed up the download although the logic requires it to be so.

Since the Bluetooth connection is extremely slow, we must choose to download the update file directly to the Apple Watch. We can do this. connecting our watch to the WiFi network, and thanks to watchOS 6 to be able to perform the update from the Watch’s own configuration.

Connect your Apple Watch to the WiFi network

In order to connect our Apple Watch to the WiFi network of our home or any other site we must follow the following steps:

  1. Press the digital crown to access all applications.
  2. Select the gear to access the Clock Settings.
  3. Go to the section ‘Wifi’.
  4. Select the name of your network and enter the password. It can be a complicated thing to do since we must write each of the letters, numbers and symbols.

Search for the update from the watch itself

Once we have done this, disconnect the Apple Watch and the iPhone to force it to use the newly configured WiFi connection. When the watch is already operating with the WiFi network and not through the iPhone, we must start the update by following the steps below:

  1. Press the digital crown to access all applications.
  2. Select the gear to access the Clock Settings.
  3. Go to the section ‘General’ and then to ‘Software update’. It will automatically start searching for the most recent version of the software, and if there is one available, you must click on ‘Install’.

Keep in mind that to update the Apple Watch, it must be be on the load base and also have to have a 50% load or more. If these two conditions are not met, the installation of the new version of the operating system will not begin.

Using this update system, which is available from watchOS 6 onwards, you will notice that your software updates are not a real deal when it comes to waiting for them to download and install.

And you, how do you regularly update your Apple Watch? Tell us your system in the comment box.

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