How to recover the Apple ID password

Remember password with double factor authentication

Dual factor authentication is one of the new security methods They are beginning to be implemented on many platforms in order to preserve the privacy of users and prevent third parties from accessing their accounts without permission. It consists of adding one more identification parameter apart from the password. In the case of Apple It works when we have more than one device, such as an iPhone and an iPad.

Of course, it will not be enough to first have two Apple computers, since it will be necessary to have that functionality activated, which can be managed from the settings of an iPhone, iPad, Mac or from the iCloud web. With that feature enabled, you can recover your Apple ID password by clicking on “I forgot my password”, link that appears when trying to log in to a device with your account.

Double apple factor

In the recovery options password that will appear, you must click on one in which you can send a code of security To another device. An alert and a pop-up message will instantly sound on that other device indicating that there is a device trying to log in with your account. You must click on the “allow” option and this code will appear.

Once you have entered the code in the device in which you want to log in, you can now access the different options to change the password of your Apple ID.

Remember password with security questions

There is another method to recover the password of an Apple ID, which is a classic. Is about answer security questions that you already answered in order to recover the password in the future. Normally these questions can be set when the account is first created and can be such as the name of your best childhood friend or the brand of your first car.

password apple id security questions

To answer these questions we advise you to go to the Apple ID website and click on “have you forgotten your Apple ID or password?” Once you access this link you will find the option to reset your password or reset security questions, by clicking on the restore password To unlock the account. Later you must choose the option of answer security questions and, once answered correctly, you will have access to your account again and you will be able to create a new password.

Remember password by email

Another possibility you can find to recover your password is through your email, which should be the same as your Apple ID. It should be noted that the password for accessing this email does not have to be the same, although if you do not remember the password for this email, you must follow the appropriate steps to recover it with your provider (Gmail, Outlook …).

password apple id email

The steps to follow for this method are practically the same as for the security questions, having to access the Apple ID website. In this case you must select «Receive an email» as an unlocking method Then check your inbox and you’ll find instructions to recover your account. If you do not receive this email after a few minutes, we advise you to look in the spam tray to see if you received it there.

If you have not been able to recover your password with any of these methods, we recommend you contact Apple so they can help you in another way.

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