How to record the screen of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

If you are new to iOS, the operating system of the iPhone, it is likely that you are not yet aware of the features of this. One of them is to record the iPhone screen, which can be done natively for some years now. In this post we show you how you can do it, and not only with the device itself, but also by connecting it to a Mac. It should be noted that it will also be valid to record the screen on iPad and iPod touch.

Record the screen of an iPhone without installing apps

Use native recording

Until 2017, when iOS 11 was launched, third-party apps had to be installed if we wanted to capture the iPhone screen on video. Now it is no longer necessary to do so, since the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have this functionality natively. Of course, it is somewhat hidden and you have to know how to find it.

record iphone screen

  1. Go to Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls.
  2. Add the option “Screen recording”To the Control Center by clicking on the ‘+’ icon.
  3. You can place this option where you want by pressing and sliding the icon with three stripes that appears on the right side.

Once the screen recording function has been added to the control center, it will be as simple as clicking on it to start recording. This Control Center is accessed by sliding from the bottom up on an iPhone 8 and earlier. For iPhone X and later, it should slide from top to bottom in the upper right of the screen.

Screen recording includes the internal audio recording, that is, what is playing through the speakers. Although you can also record outside sound picked up by the microphone. The way to configure this is by going to the control center and holding down the screen recording icon, once there you will have to activate or deactivate the microphone depending on the source from which you want to capture the audio.

Use QuickTime Player on the Mac

If you have a device with a version before iOS 11 or want to know other ways of recording also available for later versions, you should know that there is the possibility of recording the screen of an iPhone through the Mac. To do this you must follow these steps :

  1. Connect the device to the Mac via cable
  2. Open the QuickTime Player application on the Mac. You can do it by searching on the launchpad or using the search engine by pressing cmd + space.
  3. Click on File> New video recording in the top bar of the Mac screen.
  4. You probably now see that the webcam has been opened, but since what you want is to record the screen of another device, you should go to the recording menu that appears on the screen and click on the arrow that appears next to the record button and Select the mobile device you have connected.

Once you have followed these steps you will only have to press the red button to start recording the screen. Once this recording is finished you can save it on your computer and share it with other devices.

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