How to play ambient sounds with the HomePod

An intelligent speaker is a small big step in terms of home automation domain. In the case of HomePod and Siri, its integrated virtual assistant, we find a powerful speaker with which to turn on smart lights, run the curtains, ask to play a song and even ask about the weather. However, it has some other functions that, being small details, can be very useful on certain occasions.

Play ambient sounds with the HomePod

Silence does not always have to be the best companion. Imagine a time of stress in which you want to relax, or a time when you need concentration to study or carry out any task. Surely at some point in this style you need some kind of sound to accompany you without distracting you, and in this case the music could perhaps mislead you. For all that it is good to have ambient sounds, even to fall asleep in a more relaxed way.

Since the arrival of iOS 13.1.2 For the HomePod we find the possibility of asking Siri to reproduce environmental sounds. We found up to seven different: chimney, forest, ocean, rain, river current and white noise. The latter is curious and is that despite appearing an unpleasant sound to some people, the truth is that many others relax listening to devices such as air conditioning, which emit such sounds.

HomePod 2 patent appears

The way in which you can ask the HomePod to reproduce these sounds in Spanish is really simple and does not require any previous action such as downloading an app or anything like that. Having the device updated to a version equal to or greater than iOS 13.1.2 will suffice. You can use the following commands if you want to activate these sounds.

  • Hey Siri, Play white noise sounds.
  • Hey Siri, Play current sounds.
  • Hey Siri, Play rain sounds.
  • Hey Siri, Play ocean sounds.
  • Hey Siri, Play forest sounds.
  • Hey Siri, Play chimney sounds.

This way you can relax with natural sounds without having to resort to playing the audio of a YouTube video or something. It is certainly a good way to eliminate stress at the end of a busy day or to be able to concentrate on our household chores.

And you, what do you think about this kind of sounds? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.

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