How to pass photos from an iPhone to a Windows PC

Pass photos to PC via cable

One of the classic methods of transferring files between a mobile and a computer is via cable. With the iPhone and a Windows computer is no exception, so you can pass photos and videos from your gallery by following these steps:

photos from iPhone to PC

View of My Computer when you want to pass photos from iPhone to PC

  1. Connect your iPhone to the PC through the Lightning cable.
  2. On your computer, open Team / My Pc. There you will have to find and open the device folder iPhone
  3. Inside there should be a folder called DCIM which will contain another few folders in which the photos of the iPhone will be stored.
  4. Open each of the folders and copy or move the photos to the location you want from your computer. You can also move all folders at once by selecting them.

Use iCloud to sync photos on your PC

An alternative to cable, and that is ‘made in Apple’, is to use iCloud. This is the cloud storage service of the Californian company and that automatically also serves to synchronize files and data between different devices. Although the iCloud application is not installed as standard on Windows, it is possible download it from the Apple website.

Previously you must have active sync with iCloud on iPhone. To do this you must go to Settings> Photos and activate the «Photos in iCloud» tab. Once that is done and having the application installed on your computer, you must follow these steps:

pass photos iphone windows icloud

  1. Open the iCloud on the PC.
  2. Click on Options, which is next to Photos.
  3. Activate the tab «Photos in iCloud».
  4. Click on «To accept« and later on “Apply”.

Once this is done you will have a new folder on your computer in which all the photos you have stored on your iPhone will be stored. However there is another way to access them thanks to iCloud and without installing any application. We refer to the iCloud web, from which you can access not only the photos but also the calendars, notes and contacts you have on your iOS device.

Google Photos, perfect for syncing with everyone

The addition of Apple and Microsoft as rival companies now adds another, Google, and that is that the services of the Mountain View company can also be keys to synchronize the photo gallery of an iPhone with a Windows PC. For this we must have downloaded the application both on the iPhone and on the computer.

Google Photos
Google Photos

Once the app has been downloaded to the iPhone, you must have a Google account to access. By default, 15 GB are offered free, expandable through different rates. The most interesting option that exists is to have unlimited free photo storage, which stores the photos in high resolution but without really being the original quality. Choose the option you choose, you can save all the photos of your iPhone in the app and be able to view and save them on your PC thanks to the application that exists for Windows.

Also the service of Google Drive It can be used to store photos and other types of files manually, also uploading them through the iPhone and with the possibility of accessing them from the computer.

Other cloud storage services

In the market there are various cloud storage services in addition to those mentioned in iCloud and Google Photos. Microsoft itself has Onedrive, although we find other alternatives such as Dropbox or Amazon Cloud Drive. Any of them perfectly serves to synchronize photos of the iPhone with a Windows PC.

It is true that the way to transfer photos to one of these services is more tedious because it has to be done manually, however it is still an effective solution after all. Any of these services has an app on iOS, so you just have to download it in the App Store and follow its corresponding instructions for uploading files. Then you can access them from the PC, either through its application for Windows or its web services.

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