How to manually change Apple Watch time

If you are a person who loves to wear your watch slightly ahead of time so as not to be late anywhere, surely the Apple Watch does not convince you. But although it may seem that with the Apple watch we will only have the most accurate time possible, this is not true. Among the preferences of use of our Apple Watch we find an interesting option that will allow us to change the time as if it were an analog clock.

As we say, if you do not want to be late anywhere, it is best to wear the watch slightly ahead. By default, Apple’s smart watch adjusts the time automatically. With this we will get the clock to change when it goes to summer or winter time in addition to adapting to the different time zones.

Get ahead of Apple Watch time and don’t delay

But you must bear in mind that when making this time change manually only the sphere will be affected. With this we mean that notifications and alerts from different applications will continue to be received at the real time and without being affected by the change we can make.

To make this adjustment you simply have to follow the following steps on your Apple Watch:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ section on Apple Watch by clicking on the digital crown that we have on the right side.
  2. We will look for the ‘Clock’ option that we find also slightly lowering with the crown or sliding with the finger.
  3. By clicking on this we will have at the beginning ‘+0 min’ about what we should press.
  4. This way you can adjust the time advance from 1 minute to 59 minutes.
  5. Once we have specified the time we want to advance, click on the green button ‘Adjust’ We found in the lower right corner.

Apple Watch set time

When adjusting this setting, we will begin to see in the dial of our watch the time ahead of the preferences that we have set. Obviously we must be very careful when it comes to giving someone time because we will have to subtract the minutes we have advanced in this way. What you are looking for is avoid being late for appointments In this way, so if you are a somewhat unpunctual person we recommend applying a 5 minute advance.

And you, have you advanced your Apple Watch? Leave us your comments in the comment box.

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