How to know if our devices are safe

The importance of maintaining security and privacy

First of all it should be mentioned that it is very important today to keep the security and privacy on our devices Our data on the network has great value. Many marketing companies look for ways to get that information to use it in spam campaigns, send targeted advertising or even sell it to third parties.

It is also necessary to preserve security if we do not want to see how our devices malfunction. There are many attacks that we can suffer when surfing the Internet and it is necessary to protect ourselves.

How to know if our equipment is safe

Therefore, something equally important is knowing if our equipment is safe. It is necessary to know if we meet a series of key points for the security of our home devices. We mainly talk about everything that is known as the Internet of Things.

They have security tools

One of the ways to know if our devices are correctly safe is if they have security tools. Nowadays we must always install programs that protect our systems. We have a wide range of possibilities both free and paid. Keep in mind that this must be applied regardless of the type of device we use or the operating system we have.

In short, if we have security programs in our equipment we will have a first step to ensure them. It is important to avoid the entry of malware that affect performance.

Updated successfully

We can also know if our teams are safe if we have them updated correctly. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that are exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. It is the manufacturers and developers themselves who release security patches and updates that we must always install.

We need to apply these measures in all cases. We need to keep the home devices properly updated, as well as all the applications that we could have installed. Vulnerabilities can affect all levels.

Software installed from official sources

The software that we install always has to be from official sources. Only then can we ensure that it has not been modified maliciously and that it will not be a threat to our devices.

It is vital to avoid downloading from third-party sites that are not guarantees. This is one of the most popular sources of malware and we must avoid taking unnecessary risks. Always install and download from legitimate sites.

The network is secured

Are we connected to a secure network? That can also tell us if our devices are at risk or are insured. It is vital that we surf Wi-Fi networks that are correctly encrypted and that there can be no intruders.

The fact of connecting to insecure wireless networks may involve the entry of intruders that may compromise the proper functioning of our devices.

Are correctly encrypted

We must not forget the importance of having correctly encrypted devices. This means that we have to have passwords that are strong and complex. They must contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. All this randomly and with a considerable length. In this way we can really protect the systems.

We must avoid keeping the passwords that come from the factory or use words or numbers that can relate to us. The goal is as difficult as possible the entry of intruders that may put the safety of the equipment at risk.

Tips to prevent attacks

We have given a series of tips on how to know if our equipment is safe. Now we are going to give some recommendations to prevent problems. Thus, in case we suffer an attack, we can also react in time or reduce the damage. Let’s talk about these tips we mentioned so as not to compromise our teams.


The first thing is to create Backups. This is important. There are different types of attacks that seek to steal information, encrypt files and, ultimately, make us unable to access the computer normally.

An example is ransomware. In case we suffer such an attack our files may be encrypted and not able to access them. If we have a backup, we can restore them and prevent the loss of information. This is something we should apply to all types of devices.

Check the installed software

Another important tip is the fact control the software installed. We no longer talk only about the importance of the programs we install, but also control what we already have installed.

It is interesting that we check if they have security updates. Also know if they may have vulnerabilities. It is also important that we are aware of the add-ons that we have installed in those programs and possible patches and updates that are available.

Change the keys frequently

We cannot forget the importance of passwords and change them frequently. Hackers can carry out attacks such as brute force. This way they could get into our devices.

If we change passwords frequently we can improve security. Basically what we do is add an extra layer that allows us to protect our equipment.

Avoid overexposure

Finally, an added recommendation is that of avoid overexposure. By this we mean not exposing our personal data beyond what is necessary. We must take care of the information we provide on the network, either on social networks or simply by commenting on a forum.

There are many attacks that we can suffer simply by making our data public. An example is the fact of writing in a publication on the Internet and putting our e-mail address. We may receive a Phishing email oriented according to our data and with the sole purpose of stealing our credentials and passwords.

In short, by following these tips that we have mentioned we can know if our devices are safe. We must take these measures into account so as not to compromise the security that may also affect the proper functioning. In addition, we have given a series of recommendations to further improve the security of the systems.

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