How to hide the application Dock on Mac

If you have the mania of have a computer screen as clean as possible With regard to open icons or tabs, surely the Dock of applications found at the bottom of the screens can end up visually bothering. That is why Apple allows remove it in a really simple waya, making it appear only when we need to use it.

Make the Mac Dock appear and disappear easily

If you are new to Mac, you probably don’t know very well what the application Dock is. East is located at the bottom of the Ma’s screenc and allows us to access the different applications quickly and conveniently. The only problem is that if we have it tremendously full of apps it can end up causing us visual discomfort and that is why some people tend to take it out of sight. But even if Apple allows hiding it, we can always go to it by lowering the pointer to the bottom of the screen and it will appear again to open a new application.

If you want to hide it from your view, you just have to follow the following steps on your computer:

  1. Go to ‘System Preferences’.
  2. In the first row we will find the option ‘Dock’ on which we must click.
  3. Once in this tab, we must look for the option that says ‘Hide and show the Dock automatically‘And we will activate it on the left side

Hide Dock Applications

Once we have done these steps our Dock will disappear completely and if we want it to appear again we just have to move with our mouse to the bottom. In this way we manage to have a visually cleaner desktop that is vital for a large group of users who use this operating system on a day-to-day basis.

Gradually Apple has been improving the application Dock so that in addition to those we have anchored as favorites, also appear those we use most frequently. No doubt it has become an iconic feature of this operating system unlike Windows and that is why we must have it very much in sight but it can always be the case that it ends up bothering. We also have the possibility to reduce it in size and even customize it to our liking but in the end it almost always ends up being a small disaster drawer if we work with different applications at the same time.

And you, how do you like to have the Dock of applications on the Mac?

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