How to enable or disable Mac boot sound

Did the Mac have sounds when they were started?

There have been many different sounds that have been integrated over the generations on the different Macs. But Apple seems to have ended up getting tired and wanted to give users the opportunity to activate it or not, since the truth is that it can be annoying in some situations. If we get to the library and want to turn on our Mac there, all the people would find out since it would sound if or if the characteristic sound.

But this does not mean that Apple has removed this feature from its Mac. What they have done is simply disable it by default, so that we can activate it if we want to. We just have to do it through ‘Terminal’ with a simple command. It is true that you can give us some respect to use Terminal since it seems a tremendously complex tool focused on developers, but the truth is that following a few steps you can take advantage.

Turn on and off boot sound on Mac

As we say, to activate this startup sound you simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go into Terminal through the Finder or the launchpad.
  2. Enter the command sudo nvram BootAudio =% 01 and simply when you turn on the computer again, you should be able to hear the characteristic sound.
  3. If you want deactivate it because you got tired you just have to enter the command sudo nvram BootAudio =% 00

As you see, it is extremely simple to go back to years ago and restore these kinds of sounds which will give much longing to other users. If you are new to Mac, you probably don’t know what is being said in this article, so we encourage you to be brave and try these commands and restart your computer. Obviously do not do it in crowded places and where you must remain silent, since everyone will know that you have turned on a new equipment.

And you, are you going to activate this feature on your Mac? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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