How to disable the control center on the locked screen on iPhone

But the control center not perfect in regards to privacy If you are very meticulous with access to your mobile. When moving from the upper right corner down we can take for example quick notes, change songs or activate the do not disturb mode. The problem is that the control center It can be deployed by anyone outside the iPhone without any problem. But Apple has thought of everything and allows you to lock this window of options on the lock screen of our iPhone or iPad.

Prevent the control center from appearing on the locked screen

If we want to prevent this menu from being seen on the lock screen of our iPhone or iPad, you should simply see the following steps:

  1. Enter Settings
  2. Scroll down until you find the option «Face ID and code» and click on it.
  3. After entering your lock code you will get certain customization options. Go down in this menu until you find the section ‘Control center’ and disable this option.

block control center

From this moment when our iPhone or iPad is locked we will not be able to access the control center. This can be annoying if we are used to changing the song we are listening to or activating mobile data without having to unlock the device. But obviously a person who is quite meticulous with their iPhoen will not want access to these options.

It is true that thanks to the Face ID or the Touch ID there is no immediate access for example to record the screen or to set alarms. But for example you can turn on the flashlight or access the calculator without any problem. But obviously when we are with the calculator, if you want to access other system options and if you must unlock the device.

Anyway it is interesting that Apple enable these options since obviously There is nothing left. We always ask Apple to give all options for all types of users. It is possible that most of you do not mind at all that someone accesses these parts of the system, but there will be others who want to have everything covered.

And you, what do you think about this way of hiding the control center?

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