How to copy and paste texts or files on Mac

It is likely that if you are reading this you have been using a Apple Mac computer. It may even be only a few hours. The first time you use macOS, and more coming from Windows, it is usually somewhat chaotic at first since you feel somewhat disoriented and even the most basic actions seem complex to perform in macOS. Nevertheless it’s all simpler and more intuitive than it seems.

One of these big problems that you will have faced is surely the fact of copying and pasting any text. On the keyboard of a Mac the keys are somewhat different and unfortunately the commands too. That is why we must carry out an adaptation process that can be really simple. In this article we tell you how you can do this copy and paste action in a simple way.

Cutting and pasting in macOS is similar to Windows

Microsoft’s operating system, Windows, allows perform the copy / cut and paste action in different ways. Well, the same goes for macOS and we can perform this action with the mouse or trackpad or using keyboard shortcuts. Surely the typical ‘Command C + Command V’ is very present in your Windows philosophy and this is also can be transferred to a Mac.

Cut and paste on Mac

Whether you want to perform an action with a batch of documents or text, the way to copy / cut and paste with the mouse or trackpad is as follows:

  1. Use the mouse or trackpad to Select the text or files you want to cut or copy. The process is simple because you simply have to put the left button at the beginning of the text and drag to the end of the text you want to manipulate (or by pressing with one finger on the trackpad).
  2. Use the right mouse button to secondary click and select the option of «Copy» or «Cut». If you are using a trackpad you can do this action by pressing on the right side of it if you have it configured or by pressing any part with two fingers. It must be said that if the action you want to carry out is to cut, you will not find an option named for records and is that to move them the easiest thing is to select and drag them to the folder where you want to paste them.
  3. Once you are in the folder, document or place where you want to take your text or files you must again make secondary click with the mouse or trackpad and Choose the option «Paste».

The commands you need to know to copy and paste on Mac

As you can see it is a simple and practically identical step to that carried out on a Windows computer, however there is a way Even easier and faster using keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Select the text or files you want to copy / cut and press the keys cmd + c in case you want to copy or cmd + x If you want to cut. As with the previous method, for files you will not be able to perform this option of cutting unless you select and drag.
  2. Go to the document, folder or place where you want to paste the file and press cmd + v.

We hope that this tutorial to cut and paste on Mac has helped you to know a little more macOS. We insist that at first the Apple operating system may seem very different from any other but once the days go by you will see that it is not so much. We must also insist that this is a tremendously basic tutorial that is focused for those new users in the Mac world.

And you, have you felt lost in your first days on Mac? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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