How to activate the Home virtual AssistiveTouch button on iPhone and iPad

But this function is not intended only for those nostalgic. With the passage of time it is possible that users begin to feel that the Home button of their iPhone It is not so sensitive. This may be an indication that it is failing but the world does not end here as this function of accessibility can be used. In this way you can extend the life of those older equipment that begins to fail so that we are not forced to update them.

Activate the virtual AssistiveTouch button

The steps you must follow to activate the Assistive Touch functionality on both iPhone and iPad are the following:

  1. Access Settings and scroll to ‘Accessibility’ section.
  2. In this tab go to the ‘Touch’ section.
  3. At the beginning you will find the section ‘Assistive Touch’ and when entering this you must activate the first function that receives this same name.

AssistiveTouch iPhone

In this way a virtual button will appear on our screen that It will not only act as a Home button. Clicking on this will give us several very interesting options to manage our team. For example, this menu highlights access to the control center, Siri, notifications … And all these shortcuts to different aspects of our iPhone or iPad can be customized.

Customize AssistiveTouch

To carry out this customization function you simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access Settings and scroll to the ‘Accessibility’ section.
  2. In this tab go to the ‘Touch’ section.
  3. At the beginning you will find the section ‘Assistive Touch’ and upon entering we will see the option ‘Customize floating menu’.
  4. Here we will have a preview of the floating menu with the different options. If we click on one of these we will have the possibility of choosing another one depending on our needs.

AssistiveTouch iPhone

In this simple way you can access a Home button on the main screen, with the aim of replace the physical button if it is damaged Or if you miss it on your new iPhone.

And you, have you ever used this accessibility feature? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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