How much does it cost to change the battery to an iPhone in Apple

Change the battery of an iPhone for free, is it possible?

As a general rule we must say no, that a change of battery as well as other components of an iPhone is not a free repair. However, there are some exceptions with which you should not pay a single euro for a new battery. For this there must be a factory problem on your iPhone Let the battery degrade. Either by any other corrupt component or by the battery, it would be possible for you to even be given a restored device with all its new components.

To do this you must keep in mind that your iPhone must be in period of warranty, either within the legal guarantee of this product or with insurance AppleCare. We remind you that, by law, devices such as an iPhone are subject to a one-year warranty with Apple and a second year with the seller. In the event that the device was purchased at Apple, the second year of warranty will also be with them.

It should be noted that the battery replacement will also be free with AppleCare insurance. All this regardless of whether the deterioration of this is due to a factory failure or normal use.

There may also be other specific exceptions such as a widespread problem in some batch and that has caused Apple to open a free replacement program. This, as we say, is exceptional and does not happen often. Historically, what has happened is that the company has significantly reduced the price of a replacement battery.

IPhone battery replacement prices

If your iPhone does not have AppleCare warranty and does not enter into any free repair program you will have to pay for the battery replacement. The cost depends on the model of iPhone you have.

  • Iphone 5c: € 55
  • Iphone 5s: € 55
  • Iphone 6: € 55
  • iPhone 6 Plus: € 55
  • iPhone 6s: € 55
  • iPhone 6s Plus: € 55
  • iPhone SE: € 55
  • iPhone 7: € 55
  • iPhone 7 Plus: € 55
  • iPhone 8: € 55
  • iPhone 8 Plus: € 55
  • iPhone X: € 75
  • iPhone XS: € 75
  • iPhone XS Max: € 75
  • iPhone XR: € 75
  • iPhone 11: € 75
  • iPhone 11 Pro: € 75
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: € 75

It should be noted that this amount will be added € 12.10 of expenses Shipping in case you cannot physically go to an Apple Store or Authorized Technical Service. Precisely the latter, known by its acronym in English SAT, must maintain the same official prices shown above.

In case you have a iPhone 4s or earlier We have to say that, at least officially, batteries are no longer replaced for this equipment. There are some unauthorized technical services that can carry out the replacement, but they will do so without original components.

In order to access this service it will not be necessary for the device to show a clear sample of battery deterioration, although it is obviously recommended to go only when this is detected. In any case, to be able to make an appointment with technical support we recommend you visit the article in which we indicate how to contact Apple.

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